Video Collection on Cattle and Pig Handling

by Temple Grandin

Links to YouTube Videos of Cattle Handling

Cattle handling in crowd pens - Shows moving cattle quietly from the crowd pen into the single file chute (race).

Handling cattle quietly in pens - Shows moving a group of cattle out a gate with small handler movements.

Cattle handling in chutes and races - Shows how to move cattle forward in a single file race by walking in the opposite direction of desired movement.

Cattle handling tips - Facilities - Shows three different types of facilities. In the second segment Curt Pate and Temple Grandin move cattle through a round tube system. The cattle move easily when they stand at the pivot point of the crowd gate.

Temple Grandin yard demo at BeefWorks - Shows quiet movement of cattle through a curved single file race (chute) that has an open inner fence and a solid outer fence. Demonstrates working the flight zone.

Proper operations of cattle squeeze chutes - Shows tips to improve cattle movement into a squeeze chute.

Cattle handling horse ATV - Curt Pate demonstrates moving cattle on pasture with low stress herding methods.

Cattle handling on foot - Curt Pate demonstrates moving cattle over a difficult piece of terrain and sorting cattle in an alley.

Cattle behavior and handling - Temple Grandin explains the importance of removing distractions from facilities.

Links to YouTube Videos of Handling and Stunning Cattle and Pigs at Meat Plants

Cattle handling and facility design at meat plants - Shows moving cattle into the single file chute by working at the gate pivot point. This works best if the single file chute is allowed to empty so there is room for all the cattle to enter.

Video tour of beef plant featuring Temple Grandin - Shows handling and stunning in a large beef plant.

Video tour of pork plant featuring Temple Grandin - Shows handling, stunning, and plant operations.

Proper use of livestock driving tools with Temple Grandin - There are many questions asked by managers, inspectors, and employees to define when tapping an animal with a driving tool starts to become beating an animal, which would be abusive.

Electric stunning of pigs and sheep - Shows correct electrical stunning methods.

Design of cattle stun boxes and conveyor restrainer systems - Shows operation and explains how to design a center track restrainer.

Design of curved cattle corrals, yards, races, and crowd pens - Shows correct layout of curved systems. Correct layout is essential for the system to work efficiently.

Video Tour of Beef Plant Featuring Temple Grandin, where one can see the center track restrainer.

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