Schematic Drawings of the ASPCA Pen

(Revised September 2008)

These are construction drawings for the ASPCA Pen for ritual slaughter of adult cattle.

The schematics show the critical dimensions against the animal. For very large animals weighting over 1300 lbs., the box will need to be lengthened.

Structural components are not drawn.

Pneumatic cylinders used to power this restrainer must be equipped with flow controls so that all parts of the apparatus will move slowly. Sudden, jerky motions will cause cattle to become agitated. Pressure regulators must be used to limit pressure applied to the animal.

Please note: When printing (or faxing) this drawing has black and grey lines with white and dark grey backgrounds. Make sure the pusher gate detail is visible on all copies. Before building this equipment, please read all the articles in the ritual slaughter section of

Top View - Modified ASPCA Pen

Front Elevation of ASPCA Pen

Side View of ASPCA Pen

Detail of Forehead Hold-Down Bracket for Kosher Box ASPCA Pen

Chin Lift Dimensions

Detail of the Chin Lift

Drawing Showing the Position of the Head

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