Research Articles on Horses

Preliminary evaluation on the effectiveness of varying doses of supplemental tryptophan as a calmative in horses

Behavioral Laterality, Facial Hair Whorls, and Heart Rate Variability in Horses

Understanding Motivation

Handling Mustangs

Solving Behavior Problems: Questions and Answers

Survey of Trucking Practices and Injury to Slaughter Horses

The Way I See It: The Dangers of Trait Over-Selection

Consciousness in Animals and People with Autism

Thinking the Way Animals Do

Observation of normal and abnormal hair whorl patterning on the equine forehead

Introducing Animals to New Experiences

Thinking the Way Animals Do

Solving Livestock Handling Problems

Assessment of Stress During Handling and Transport

Using Aversion Learning Techniques to Assess the Mental State, Suffering, and Welfare of Farm Animals

Factors that Impede Animal Movement at Slaughter Plants

Design of loading facilities and holding pens

Restraint of Livestock

Behavioral Principles of Livestock Handling

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