Pig Tranport Audit Form for Welfare and Pork Quality

Audit 5 to 10 trucks during loading and unloading

Critical Control Points Scored with Objective Criteria Scored on a per animal basis Truck Number or ID
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Percentage of pigs that fall down (body touches ground) during loading or unloading
0% excellent
2% Acceptable
5% Not acceptable
10% Serious problem
Percentage of pigs prodded with an electric prod
0% Excellent
10% Acceptable loading; 2% unloading
11 to 20% Not acceptable
Over 20% serious problem
Percentage of dead pigs on trucks
0% Excellent
2% Not acceptable
When many trucks are averaged
0.1% Excellent
0.35% Acceptable
0.36% to 0.40% Not acceptable
Over 0.40% Serious problem
Percentage stressor non-ambulatory slow pigs upon arrival per truck
0% Excellent
0.5% Acceptable
2% Not acceptable
Over 2% Serious problem
Percentage of non-ambulatory pigs caused by injuries, poor body condition or lameness
0% Excellent
2% Serious problem
Percentage of frost bitten pigs
0% Excellent
1 Pig serious problem
Promptness of Truck Unloading
Excellent start - Unloading within 15 minutes after arrival
Acceptable - start unloading within 15 to 30 minutes
Not acceptable - wait 30 to 60 minutes
Serious problem - wait over 60 minutes
Pass/Fail Evalutaions
Truck cleanliness
Clean - Pass
Dirty - Fail
Truck Maintenance
No broken parts - Pass
Broken parts - Fail
Handling non-ambulatory pigs
Per recommended guidelines - Pass
Drag, drop or push non-ambulatory pigs along the floor - Fail

Walk Through Evaluations and Notes

Condition of chutes, ramps, floors and gates - Any slippery spots should be noted so they can be repaired. Note broken or missing cleats on loading ramps sharp edges.

Pig Handling - Note any problems such as hitting pigs. Note good practices that can be shared with other drivers.

Vehicle Preparations for the Weather - Ventilation holes blocked in the winter and opened in the summer. Availability of water for wetting pigs during hot weather after loading. Water hoses must be available if a truck has to wait more than 15 minutes to unload during warm weather.

Acts of Abuse - Acts of abuse will not be tolerated. A driver or handler fails an audit of he/she is observed beating pigs or sticking any object into sensitive parts of the animal such as the eyes, notes, mouth, or rear. Dropping of pigs off of vehicles is not permitted.

Difficult to Drive Pigs - Note loads where the pigs are difficult to load or unload because they refuse to move or pile up. This may be an indicator of a problem that the producer should fix. The producer may need to walk the pens or change other aspects of his/her programs.

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