Critical Control Points (CCPs) of Humane Slaughter and Handling

Temple Grandin
Dept. of Animal Science
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

This introductory section briefly outlines the critical contol points for good animal welfare during handling and stunning. These CCPs were presented at the American Meat Institute's Animal Handling and Stunning Conference, February 5, 1999. Monitoring of these CCPs on a regular basis is recommended to maintain good animal welfare.

  1. Percentage of animals stunned correctly on the first attempt.

  2. Percentage of sensible or partially sensible animals on the bleed rail.

  3. Percentage of animals slipping or falling anywhere in the facility.

  4. Percentage of cattle and pigs which moo, squeal, or bellow during handling and stunning. Do not score sheep.

  5. Percentage of animals prodded with an electric prod.

  6. Handling of downed non-ambulatory animals. Zero tolerance for dragging sensible animals. Stunned animals may be dragged.

Cattle Audit Form (Updated October 2001)

Pig Audit Form (Updated October 2001)